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Game(s) in Development

Please note, The Living Flow is our first game we are developing and as such the content of this page is still very limited, but as we develop more games the content and functionality of this page will expand. The review and comments section for each game will come online soon and an online store will become available when the first game is released.

The Living Flow

This is a visual novel based in an alternte universe with many worlds and home to humans as each world's guardian. Humans normally cannot enter each other's realm, but can be given access by the human guarding it. Each world contains a unique magnifecent power, a power desired by demons.

Monthly Progress Report

Estimated release date: December 2018/January 2019

We have recently hired a new artist, Marcel Fourie, who will be redoing all our character art with his awesome skills. He will begin full time after 25 October 2018. In the meantime Bernadine Mulder will be drawing all the backgrounds with her new drawing tablet.

I myself, Eugene Mulder, already finished writing the story up to about chapter 2. Using Game Maker Studio 2 I have already finished the basic coding for the visual novel and the introduction and main menu is done.

One of our biggest stumbling blocks at this stage is the sound and music as we havn't even touched it. Anyone wanting and able to volenteer to assist with the sound and music can contact us via the contact page.

Gme Art

Here are a couple of images we are working. A demon dog/worlf and a background of a pond:

Like a ray of light

We reach into the heart of darkness

And from our imagination

Entire new realms are born

For you to play in